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      GUIDELINES FOR THIS FORUM   04/21/2017

      • You can check your Membership status by looking above your avatar area at the "Dues Date: Month Year".    • For members without any posts, Go to your 'My Profile' and scroll down to 'Member Title'.
      • If you would like to pay your dues, please contact John Adams by emailing adfam1@exede.net with your payment preference.  You will get a response explaining how to pay... Payments can be made with Credit Card, USPS Money Order, PayPal or peronal check...
      *Past Due Members will need to bring their dues up to date...         NO IVORY SALES - PLEASE DISCLAIMER of knowledge or willful promotion of ‘Ivory’ transactions using a 'resource' of the Case Classics Club online forum; www.caseclassicsclub.com. Resource is defined as those supplied, loaned to and used by the online forum of the Case Classics Club. The Case Classics Club does not promote the illegal sale of ‘Ivory’. Legal is defined as having valid documentation of compliance with 'ALL' US Federal and State laws. Ivory is defined as ‘ALL ivory - regardless of species’. There is no breach of this disclaimer while discussing value, the diversity of this topic nor with the display of items that are embellished with ‘ivory’. Additionally, each member retains the right of opinion at all times and may PM, Post or Email as such regardless of that opinion. This disclaimer specifically applies to the use of PM’s, Posts, Emails or any other form of resource derived through any Case Classics Club 'resource' with the explicit intent of an 'ivory' sale thereby holding membership participation of violation 'solely' in full contempt of any and all legal jurisdiction.     Topics that appear at the top as 'pinned' are current regardless of post dates.
      If you have a store or a long-term request, please contact an administrator to have them pin your post. There is a 90 day limit on all listings.
      Current listings with a post date beyond the limit will automatically be removed.
      * this does not apply to 'pinned' topics. Banner Ad's available. Contact an administrator for more information.
      *Banners ©Case Classics Club™

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